What we do

We make our clients more competitive by improving the cost/quality ratio of their purchases.

How we do it

By using our deep knowledge of the Chinese market to leverage its incomparable production capabilities to the benefit of our clients.

Our experience and resources

Our team benefits from:

  • More than 25 years’ experience working in China.
  • More than 25 years’ experience managing large and complex construction projects around the world.
  • A permanent and established presence in China with a team of specialists in purchasing, quality control, and logistics.
  • Presence in the destination market with the requisite technical and logistical capabilities.

Management Team

Avinoam Heller

Founding partner

30 years’ experience in change management: start-ups & restructuring.

Project management experience of large-scale construction projects.

Management experience in varied industries including automotive, food production, hospitality, construction.

Ex VP of Strategy at Dura Automotive Systems.

We are in China

China is by far the largest manufacturing base in the world. In each product category, there are literally hundreds of suppliers offering a very broad range of prices, quality and production capacity. At the same time, this is also an extremely complex market for foreigners, with very particular processes in purchasing and quality control, and significant bureaucratic barriers.

During our 25 years of working in China we have successfully executed an enormous range of activities: buying and selling, negotiating complex contracts, and working with the many levels of government and local authorities. The only reason we are able to deliver on our value proposition is precisely this accumulated experience.

We are by your side

In addition to our considerable resources on the Chinese side, our clients also benefit from the logistical and technical resources they require:

  • A local partner experienced in importation, logistics and storage, able to provide support as necessary.
  • An English speaking technical team in Shanghai.

What are the benefits to our clients?

Our experience shows that we are able to offer our clients prices that are 15-50% lower than what they previously paid for products of similar quality. Actual savings depend of course on specifications, size and date of the actual order.

A significant reduction of input costs is one way to benefit from our offer, another is to achieve a differentiation in the market by offering higher quality goods, without increasing costs.

Quality and technical support

We are able to supply products matching different international quality norms, according to your specific requirements.

Based on our accumulated experience, we offer detailed solutions to customer questions such as the supply of replacement parts, delivery times, etc. and look forward to discussing these with you.

And in the long term?

Our objective is to develop a close, productive and mutually beneficial long term relationship with our clients.

Our experience is that the savings achieved in the initial phase of cooperation are often only the beginning; and that as we learn to work together more closely, we discover ever more opportunities for using innovative and different materials and solutions which can lead to further cost reduction, or a greater differentiation of the final product in the market.

Additionally, for clients operating in different countries, we are able to offer economies of scale and one-stop shopping which facilitate their international expansion.

The process

The process tipically proceeds as follows:

Client provides its requirements (technical specifications, quantities, dates).

Detailed proposal from TecSo, and a joint economic analysis to quantify and evaluate savings.

Delivery by TecSo of physical samples for evaluation and approval.

Negotiation and signature of supply agreement.

Opening of a letter of credit.



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